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*equipoise was born during an enlightening meditation where I was in the most amazing place, neither in water nor air and yet somehow both at the same time.  In this new found stillness I experienced an incredible feeling of Oneness, the sheer joy of floating in the bliss of this soft silence of Nothing, where..

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'No push, no pull' - a state of *equipoise.

It is from this still place where your true potential can be realised.

It is my heartfelt wish to help people self-heal and by doing so to live a fearless life full of love and expansion. Here I share inspiration, visions and creative intuition to encourage you to tap into your own inner Knowing.

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I send a big hug to all the souls that have ventured here and honour the path you are on – nothing is ever by chance. 

We all have one thing in common - we are all unique, so let us dance in celebration of our glorious individuality!
— Karen Kestrel

We don’t have to search in the darkness on our own to find our purpose anymore – we can grow our own community of kindred souls to ignite our dreams and follow our true purpose.  Cosmic exploration is incredibly liberating and so very essential for Mother Earth especially at this time of Conscious Shift.

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Daily life..

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being in balance

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What do you have a burning passion to do?

Tune in..

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Learn to FLY

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Breathe in bright light..

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Lead by example

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The language of LOVE

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Take the time to discover and explore your own state of *equipoise